USC Tailgates Catered by Lawry's...Preparing for 2010

2009 was the first year that Lawry's Catering participated at the LA Coliseum for all six USC home games.  We tailgated three hours before each game and had a blast doing it.  While it involved much planning, scheduling, and executing for our team; it was well worth the results.  Each tailgate was a learning experience.  Most importantly was that I met some very wonderful people- some of whom came to every tailgate!

Our busiest tailgate was obviously USC vs. UCLA where we had over 200 guests attend.  Our two bartenders were busy bees the entire night, serving their famous Red and Gold Bear drinks and the signature Lawry's Breeze.  Of course, beer, beer, and more beer was the prime request. The line never ended for us!  A note for next year... more bartenders! 

Our Lawry's Carvers were also busy serving our hungry fans at all the tailgates. Each menu was slightly different, but always consisted of our Roasted Prime Rib Sandwiches garnished with horseradish, creamy blue cheese, and crispy onions.  Our Roasted Turkey Sandwiches were also a hit with our famous pesto mayo sauce and fresh cranberries. Another very popular event featured grilled sausages with Chef's fabulous German Potato Salad. 

This year, our wonderful Chef Walter is planning to create special food themes for each tailgate.  Maybe an Oktoberfest theme, Halloween  menu, and some tailgates with our opponent's favorite foods!  Any ideas you would like to give me?

I am happy to announce that our prices will remain reasonable.  Each tailgate will  cost $65 per entry.  If you purchase all six tailgates, we will lower the price to $55 each entry.  We will also have combos where you may purchase a tailgate entry with a game ticket. Game prices will vary.  I can provide all the information if you email me at

You are also welcome to join our Facebook group where I will be posting all the tailgate information. You can search for us by looking for Lawry's The Prime Rib Tailgate Party at the Coliseum. I hope to see you on Facebook!

You can also view more of our photos in this blog by scrolling down or clicking here.