Lawry's at the Carnegie Institute for Science: Dinner in the Observatory

Out of this world Catering

Lawry's Catered the YPO 49ers Chapter Meeting in March of 2013 and really "WOWed" the guests with the signature presentation and creativity, in an astronomy-style menu.

The event began with tours of the Observatory. It was then followed by Dr. Freedman's lecture that was located in Carnegie's Auditorium...

Guest speaker was Dr. Wendy Freedman, an astrophysicist and astronomer who is currently a faculty  member for the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution in Pasadena. 
The presentation included unique hologram technology that allowed attendees to see
the observatory in La Serena, Chile.
 Freedman has received many honors for her studies of galaxy evolution as well as evolution of stellar populations of galaxies.
Dr. Freedman is also a chair for the Board of Directors for the
Giant Magellan Telescope Organization. In addtion Las Campanas Observatory is contructing a new 25-meter class telescope, Dr. Freedman is helping to lead these efforts.

Once the lecture was done, guests were presented with some of our "space" creations......

Big Bang Arancinis 
with prosciutto and peas

peppered-vodka soaked cherry tomatoes

marble potatoes with caviar and creme fraiche 

Guests were also delighted with Solar Signature Cocktails:

Once cocktail hour was over, our guests dined in Carnegie's main library
The tablescapes were adorned with mini LED light shows and sprinkled with stars
and keeping with the theme, the guests took home goodies bags
filled with Milky Way candy bars

 The dinner reception began with a....

Star Fruit Salad
with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Followed by the selection of Entrees:
Interstellar Beef Tenderloin
with Cabernet Sauce and Arugula Butter

Dover Sole-R Eclipse
with Perisian Potatoes and Vegetables

Roasted Rocket Vegetable Ravioli
with Tomato Stew and Wilted Spinach

finished with decadent desserts...
Milky Way Mousse served with Star Cookies
The dessert was a crowd pleaser! Light and airy mousse topped with crunchy tuile
 and fresh whipped cream!

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