Lawry's Successful Vodka Tasting 2010!

We sent out a call for vodka connoisseurs and they came! Our Lawry's event was a success because of the wonderful guests that joined us that night and experienced the excellent array of vodkas offered! Not only were our guests able to sip on Chopin and Blue Angel Vodka shots; they were treated to delicious martinis.

Tito's Vodka made a dirty martini with tomolives. You haven't tried a dirty martini until you have one with pickled green tomatoes! Grey Goose's bartender extraordinaire delighted the crowd by shaking a secret pear recipe. Yum!

Best of all was pairing up a pepper-vodka soaked cherry tomato or trying an oyster a la russe.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." A vodka tasting a year keeps us lively and in good cheer. We hope to hear from our attendess that night. Post comments and tell us what you enjoyed. Was this your first vodka tasting? Which vodka piqued your interest? Which martini deserved a second round? For everyone out there, our next tasting will be June 9, 2010. It will be "The '10's' of 2010-"Top Spirit Releases of 2010."

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