Halloween Wedding at Lawry's

Julie and Andres Ybarra are huge Halloween fans and have been collecting Halloween themed items for over nine years. So, it was no surprise that when it came to time to choose a wedding date, October 31st had to be the day. Julie works at the Ronald Regan Hospital at UCLA and Andres is a Bruin grad student. Royce Hall was the perfect location of their wedding ceremony.

Julie and Andres with their officiant, Chris Hopgood!

Julie and Andres with their photographer, Jeremie Fremaux.

Going with the Halloween theme, the bride and groom were Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein, respectively. They requested that every guest attend in a costume of their choice. Even their officiant dressed the part of the Grim Reaper and their photographer was a skeleton creature.   Lawry’s is no stranger to hosting themed weddings. We welcomed the opportunity to transform the restaurant to a fun, spooky wedding bash! The bride provided us with a large assortment of Halloween decorations from her collection. We complemented theme with black and orange linens.
Julie and Andres took their task of finding the best cake for their wedding day serious. They did extensive tastings at bakeries all over Los Angeles before selecting their favorite, Fantasy Frostings!

For entertainment Julie surprised Andres with spectacular belly dancers. They swirled and dazzled the guests in their golden wings and swords. They even got all the guests to stand up and dance traditional belly dancing moves.

Belly Dancer Rosalba Jasso

Julie and Andres prove once again that no matter what your vision, a dream wedding can be realized with a little work and a lot of creativity!

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