My first visit to the Craven’s Estate was when it was featured as the Showcase House in 2010.  I fell in love with this venue and decided to promote the site for future weddings. This beautiful estate is located in a residential neighborhood once known as the “Millionaire’s Row.” To read more about the estate, click here. Soon afterwards, I was contacted by Alice and Dennis, who wanted Lawry’s to cater their wedding and were also looking for a venue.  Coincidently, they were looking for locations in the Pasadena area. I immediately sent them to the Craven’s Estate and they loved it!

Their amazing photographer Sara from One-Love Photography did a fantastic job capturing their special moments.

The reception them was filled with spring colors and lots of buttons.

The reception was tented and decorated with graceful chandeliers…

 Alice and Dennis have a long history with Lawry’s and wanted to make sure their guests experienced our Lawry’s signature Spinning Bowl Salad.

Dennis’ dream came true to be a Lawry’s carver and wear the famous medallion.
The wedding was a huge success.  They brought in a photo booth for entertainment and Pinkberry for a late night treat for their guests.

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