Miranda Roy, New Assistant Catering Manager

Miranda joins the Lawry’s Offsite Events Team with experience and enthusiasm!!

Previously working as an Event Sales and Catering Coordinator for the largest catering company in Southern Massachusetts, she has seen it all! From lavish weddings with endless budgets to backyard get-togethers that touch the heart. 

She has also worked with Marriott Hotels, Yacht Clubs and Country Clubs in New England, and The Boat Company – an eco-tourism cruise in Alaska.

All backed by her degrees from Johnson & Wales University! She earned her Associates Degree in Baking &Pastry Arts as well as Bachelors in Food Service Management with a concentration in Event Planning.
Miranda has found the best way to plan a special event is to get to know the client.
This is after all, about you!
Share a story, a feeling or an idea and she will make it happen.
This Bride was looking for pink and gold couture.
Champagne satin linens, handmade hat boxes as center pieces, antique china,
gold plated flatware and even an antique pink couch

You want a back yard barbeque that will blow your guests away?

Imported and domestic cheeses paired 
with marinated vegetables, feta salad, and figs!

Don’t forget the Burger Bar with all its accompaniments!

And a bit of mini New England flair


Maybe your taste combines a bit of vintage and a splash of modern!

Sleek white leather chairs, large farm tables, vintage glass vases, and chandeliers to match the old New England Mansions


Going above and beyond for your clients makes a difference for everyone

She couldn’t decide on a first course, so we did all three!
And he wanted to fit his childhood boat in – great base for a raw bar!

These guys LOVE candy and cocktails – So why not mini Sour Patch Margaritas!!!
Sitting in the sun can be such a drag, 
but not if you have fun fans to match the décor!

He wanted late night snacks to mimic the late night spot 
where they met (YUM- Arancini)
While she wanted a first course that would be fresh, light and colorful 
tomato and watermelon salad with crumbled feta and toasted almonds

DIY Bohemian Chic 

"Make your Own" Guest Book
Guests take Polaroid Photos
and add their own captions.
What a great way to get people involved! 

 Outdoor lounge created with the families furniture:
Add a few bails of hay and mix and match blankets and guests will be sure to cuddle up next to the fire once the sun goes down!

And don't forget the cookie bar 
and S'mores ingredients!

Lavish rentals anyone???

She does more than just weddings…….

Annual Bridal Show
                                  Newport, Rhode Island

No more boring booths, she kicked it up with a little Hollywood red carpet glam! 

 Brooks Brother's Investment Dinner
 Marble House Mansion - 
Gold Room
 Newport, Rhode Island
Food and Wine Magazine
Three day food and wine festival 
Rosecliff Mansion
Newport, Rhode Island 

Miranda is truly passionate about providing personalized service to each client she works with!!!


Are you ready to plan your next event with Lawry’s Catering? Miranda would be pleased to assist you!




  1. In Rhode Island Miranda coordinated what proved to be literally the best orchestrated, creatively designed, and seamlessly executed Wedding Reception that I've ever attended. Her charm, her passion, and her professionalism consistently surprised me because I kept thinking that nobody could be that "on" for so long. 300 wedding attendees were so glad that I was wrong. She shone just a brightly from the start to the very finish. I was so grateful for just her individual participation, that I wrote her previous boss glowing recommendations then, as I do now. As time goes by, my memories of her performance and abilities just continues to grow.

    1. Hi Josh,
      Thank you for your comment! We are very excited to have Miranda a party of Lawry's! If you are ever in the West Coast, make sure to stop by and visit us!
      -Melissa Case
      Catering Manager

  2. We can’t sing enough of her praise! My husband and I planned our wedding from 8,000 miles away – it absolutely could not have been possible without Mandy – her attentiveness, support, and attention to do detail were invaluable to planning a long distance wedding. Her creativity and thoughtfulness resulted in an interpretation of our ideas superbly beyond our expectations. We loved her incorporation local elements – as did our guests who are still talking about the event 6 months later. If there were any hiccups, we certainly weren’t aware because her execution of the event was flawless!
    She’ll certainly be missed on the east coast but we’re so fortunate to have had her play such an important role in our big day.