Lawry's and The Tasting Panel: Summertime Fun!

Our Solid 10's in Taste and Character:

We had a very spirited tasting! There was something in the air or maybe it was the Agwa. The thing about a spirit tasting is that while it is for the enjoyment of your palette, it goes without saying that it's a great way to lift one's mood.  In this economy, nothing beats $36 for hors d'oeuvres, new and old familiar faces, and, of course, the drinks! This tasting gave us great ideas for easy-to-make cocktails, just in time for a summer party.

Let's start with Agwa- a green, 60-proof liqueur made of coca leaves imported from Bolivia. This table had lots of goodies for our guests to enjoy. They had our guests take shots of Agwa paired with little bottles of lime powder. Believe us, there were repeat visitors to this table for their cocarita margarita.

For those of you looking for a refreshing summer drink, UV is your answer. UV is a sweet green tea flavored Vodka. Folks, it doesn't get much better than this for those that like the green tea flavor. Our guests tried some yummy UV High Tea made from 1 part UV Sweet Green Tea and 2 parts lemonade.

A personal favorite was the Tres Leches Triple Cream Liqueur, a double-gold medal winner cream liqueur. It was almost like a White Russian without the work. It's tasty as a shot or poured over ice. Their signature tag line is "Go Ahead and Lick the Glass." You just might do so when you realize that this liqueur is really great served with bourbon, coconut rum, coffee tequila, and the list goes on. We are thrilled our guests tried this new find.

Other wonderful featured spirits were Medea. Check out the first spirit brand with a LED display on its label.
El Zacatecanos: won "Best Mescals of Show" at the San Francisco World Spirits competition.

4 Orange Premium Vodka: Distilled from pure Florida oranges.

Mix chilled Ty-Ku sake with pineapple and tequila! Check them out for their Under 100 Calorie Cocktails.

Enjoy Some Fun Pic's From Our Tasting:

Our General Manager- Todd Johnson


  1. Those tyku bottles look so amazing all lite up together!! I love the drinks they make with it at Lawry's!!

  2. Sandee, we can't agree with you more! A big thanks to Jeremie for taking such great pictures! We are so excited for the Tequila Tasting coming up August 18!!